When the man is away from home, the ladies dive into bed

When the man is away from home the ladies dive into bed. No one has to know about this. Girls have their little secrets. A friend visiting. It couldn't sound safer for a man. Oh, they go gossiping or shopping, drinking a bottle of wine with a few snacks. Who would expect females to take it in a completely different way together? That they start kissing on the couch after a glass of chardonnay. Passionately as they haven't done with their male for years. That they slowly undress each other and have their nipples sucked and licked stiff by the other. That they spoil each other's pussy more deliciously than a man can? That they experience orgasm after orgasm, give each other a meaningful wink, giggle and get dressed again to sit on the couch in a comfy way when the man comes home. Yes yes, women, they do play it smart.